Let's Build A Softrock 40m/80m RXTXv6.2

First, you need some documentation. You can download it here.

Reference Files

If you'd like a little surface mount soldering review, these short videos may help you.

Surface Mount Soldering Resistors 6 minutes - 64 meg

Surface Mount Soldering IC's 4 1/2 minutes - 46 meg

You should now be all prepared! Lets build a Softrock!

The kit contains the following bags of components. Not shown is a hardware bag containing nuts, bolts, heatsink and spacers.

We are going to do this one step at a time testing as we go. That way if there is a mistake made, we should catch it right away. We will jump around on the board so we can complete and test logical sections. The first major section that will be completed is the receiver. The receiver subsections are:

Section 1 - The power supply

Section 2 - The oscillator section

Section 3 - The divider section

Section 4 - T4 transformer build and test

Section 5 - Installing and testing the op amps

Section 6 - Installing and testing the mixer

Section 7 - Installing and testing the transmitter op amps

Section 8 - Installing and testing the transmitter mixer

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