Receiver build and test section 2

Now that we have T4 built and tested we are ready to install the op amp circuitry.

Install the top side components shown.

Install the bottom side components as shown.

The board should draw around 28.7 ma of current.

Connect the test equipment as shown. You can test 1 channel at a time. Be sure to use a DC blocking capacitor of around 5 ufd or the signal generator will change the op amp bias and you will have no output. ( I wonder why I keep telling you this! I would never have had this problem!)

Connect a signal generator set to 10-20khz at 10 mvolts amplitude through a ~5ufd coupling capacitor to the above test points. The frequency isn't particulary critical as the receiver will output signals in the 1-100khz frequency range. The voltage isn't either as long as you don't get too large. I tested mine and it didn't flattop the output until a little over 4 volts pk-pk out.

Section 1 - The power supply

Section 2 - The oscillator section

Section 3 - The divider section

Section 4 - T4 transformer build and test

Section 5 - Installing and testing the op amps

Section 6 - Installing and testing the mixer

Section 7 - Installing and testing the transmitter op amps

Section 8 - Installing and testing the transmitter mixer

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