Welcome to KC0WOX's Homebrew Video Heaven

LTspice circuits for the BITX versions
Building a Surface Mount Device BITX - This is a prototype board and no longer available
Information and videos on the original Farhan bitx20 boards from Far Circuits
Information and videos on QRP Kits bitx20a kit from QRP Kits
Assembly drawings, alignment instructions, and pictures of Sunil's Version 3 Bitx Board
Frequency response, gain, and power tests
Bitx ver 3 mike amplifier mod Testing the results of a Bitx ver 3 mike amplifier modification    
A quick look at the KC0WOX Bitx test bench setup
Using a Molex connector kit
A study in the effect of the # of turns on the transformer outout
Microphone pin out and schematic for use with a bitx
Considerations to make when assembling the circuit board into a chassis

More Final Assembly

The fixes for the problems encountered above
Revisiting the WA2EBY Broadband HF Amplifier. This is a current day build of the classic amplifier
Information and videos on the kits and parts rf toolkit boards
Troubleshooting and using various Tektronix products
A new construction project building a SDR kit from Tony Parks raparks@ctcisp.com This is a $30.00 kit!
Assembly details for a Digital Dial frequency readout kit.
11 minutes
124 meg
Troubleshooting analysis and waveforms for a Digital Dial frequency readout kit
19 minutes
212 meg
Winding with torroid cores
Selecting components and where to buy parts
10 minutes
183 meg
Measuring the winding results
9 minutes
116 meg
Winding a trifilar transformer
10 minutes
45 meg
Construction project for an easy-to-build RF Probe
Make your measurements easier with this test adapter for your L/CII Meter