Kits and Parts RF-Toolkits

For inexpensive, easy to build, building block kits, it's hard to beat these. Check out the list of available circuits at Kits and Parts


RF-Toolkit Circuit Board Video's

Gain and frequency testing of the RF Amplifier board
10 min
114 meg
More testing and explanation of db's vs dbm's
4 1/2 min
52 meg
Spectrum testing of the HF Mixer board
16 min
Testing the IF Amplifier
9 1/2 min
106 meg
Power, frequency, and harmonic analysis of the VFO board. Demo of VFO circuit in LTspice circuit simulation
9 min
86 meg
Explanation of double balanced mixers using the diode ring mixer board

10 Watt Linear

Constructing and testing the Kits and Parts 10 watt linear amplifier